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Welcome to the Resolution Loudspeakers Customers Web site. Our goal is to provide your recording studio or home,with the ultimate listening system -  a pair of the world’s fastest full bandwidth speakers and the room referencing system upgrade.

If you are building a studio on a six figure budget, or merely looking for a hifi loudspeaker that will significantly improve you home system - this is more than you ever thought possible.

Resolution Loudspeakers has been serving the HiFi community since 2001. We specialize in supplying the Resolution SUHTL loudspeaker system.

At this site, you can make a purchase, book a home-demo, book a showroom demo, and find after-sales support. We also exhibit in various hi-fi shows, and you should check out our Exhibitions page.

Feel free to browse around this site, which is now dedicated to Customers

If however you have technical questions about the design of our product, visit the S.U.H.T.L. website or are just interested in the debate around our marketing message visit

for info on purchasing or booking demonstrations, (not product related), click the contact button, which is found on the ‘about us’ page on the left.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to your call on 01202 470184

Close up - the unmistakeable simplicity and beauty of a RESOLUTION is a strong hint to how good it sounds.April 2006 HiFiChoice magazine - click to enlarge

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